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Selling pool tables in Brisbane since 1968

From humble beginnings in the northern suburbs of Brisbane in 1968, Des Niesler and his wife Shirley began manufacturing and retailing billiard tables for sale. Their sons Paul and Glenn were born into an industry that would become their life.

With a name change in 1989 Billiard Shop has gone from strength to strength. Welcoming new partners and establishing several new retail outlets has lead to Billiard Shop cementing its position as the largest Billiard Table and Accessories retail chain in Australia.

Billiard Shop moved into a leading position with fresh ideas and a state of the art manufacturing facility. Billiard Shop, from its inception, has resurrected traditional craftsmanship and techniques. With its unique designs, large selection of furniture finishes, and overall attention to quality, Billiard Shop offers a very attractive line of middle and high-end tables.

Billiard Shop appreciates the fundamental necessity for meticulous construction techniques in the production of tables which play well, are durable and are attractive to the eye.

Most Billiard Shop Showrooms typically display five to twenty tables, featuring different wood finish options and a variety of other customizable features.

If you’re looking for a pool table for sale or need to buy pool room supplies, visit us in-store or shop online.