There’s an 80% chance that the Billiards balls you have at home are Aramith Balls.

That’s the percentage of players worldwide that use them week in week out.


Over several decades Belgian Aramith Billiard balls have forged a worldwide recognition due to their outstanding endurance and uncompromised quality making them also the most economical purchase.

This Aramith ball will last at least five times longer than any other ball.

The company who makes them, Saluc, states that, when used properly, they will last up to 40 years for home use.

This is why Billiard Shop stocks them in everyone one of their stores throughout Queensland in Townsville, Toowoomba, Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast, Bundall on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane at Aspley and Slacks Creek.


Their quality is the result of a high-tech process that combines the unmatched characteristics of phenolic resin with fine Belgian craftsmanship.

This production process makes the balls very strong and scratch resistant and withstands more than 50 times more impacts.

They balls resist at friction temperature of 250 C when in motion which results in less white marks on your cloth and no flat spots on the ball.

There is little doubt the balls also make for better controlled stroke-play as a result of the unique elasticity of the resin, designed for optimal rebound along with a true and accurate roll.

It’s little wonder professional players and federations worldwide have exclusively selected the Aramith balls.

Saluc, has not rested on their laurels with their leading product by also using the exact same process for novelty sets such as NRL State of Origin sets to branded Bundaberg Rum or Jack Daniels sets.


It’s why Billiard Shop has these sports loving sets on the same par as the traditional balls.

The company Saluc is situated in Callenelle in city Belgian of Péruwelz, located in the Walloon region in the province of Hainaut. Founded in 1923, Saluc started as a chemical industry specialising in tannery products before converting to billiard balls after 1950. They also make 9 pin bowling balls amongst other industrial balls used in all kind of application with exportation to more than 60 countries representing 98% of activity.

The union of these two complementary Belgian products – loved by amateur and professional billiards players the world over and sanctioned by the majority of the championships and tournament organizers worldwide -will help to reinforce the promotion on the international level of these two globally reputed and high-quality billiard products: the IWAN SIMONIS cloth and the

The path of the Aramith ball was born in the aftermath of WWII with the almost total disappearance of their core business forced the company to look for alternatives.

Due to their chemical know-how in the manufacturing of phenolic resins, Saluc saw the opportunity to move into making billiards balls with the billiard market in full expansion.


By the 1960s production was in full swing despite being up against three well-established manufacturers. However continuous fine-tuning combined with the increase in production levels saw Aramith Balls establish a leading market share.

Today, Saluc is the only company worldwide producing phenolic billiard balls. Their unique structure is more than one hundred times finer than mineral-filled polyester which gives them such qualities.

The production involves a 13-step, 23 day process that includes casting and curing processes, combined with unique grinding and state-of-the-art polishing technology.

Throughout the process, computerized technology continuously interfaces with and assist craftsmanship to guarantee the tightest tolerances and specifications.

And how about this for quality control – Each ball is still checked manually before leaving the factory to provide the worldwide distribution network with reliable output. Now that would be a job!

So next time you rack and stack ‘em, know that with Aramith you are playing with history. So I guess all there is left to do is create some playing history of your own against family, friends of foes.