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Aramith Premier Pool Balls

High-quality Aramith Premier Pool Balls for a Superior Performance

Aramith balls are chosen by professionals for their unmatched quality, resilience, and exceptional performance. Engineered with a phenolic surface, these balls not only minimize burn spots on both balls and cloth but also outlast other alternatives made from polymers or polyester by up to five times, ensuring superior playability for years to come.

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2 1/4", 2 1/16", 2", 1 7/8"

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If a product performs better and lasts 50 times longer, what is the point of spending a few dollars less to get an inferior product that will need to be replaced more often?

Choose Aramith for professional play, clubs, pubs and in the home.

Enjoy a lifetime of better play with Aramith balls.

Pool Ball Sizes

Video: 2:09sec | 2017

Pool Ball Sizes

Video: 2:09sec | 2017

Video summary ~

I’ve got a line up of balls here that can show you the different size balls and explain how they used in different scenarios…

  • 1 7/8 inch ball, for 5’/6′ tables
  • 2 inch ball, 7′,8′ and 9′ tables
  • 2 1/16 inch ball, full-size tables
  • 2 1/4 inch, American style Pool

You might also ask about the tips…

  • 13mm for the biggest ball
  • 10mm for smaller balls
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