So you have recently made the proactive decision to introduce yourself or your family to a Billiard Shop Billiards or Pool table and you are now looking to start hitting those pockets with greater consistency.

shoot-bank-hustle-shot-pool-1280x600So where do you start? Practice does make better but in reality it is perfect practice that brings perfect results.

Naturally the starting point involves you, your cue, your stance, your balance, your draw and your vision to name a few.

To start off on the right foot the best option, besides a very good family member or friend, is to seek advice or join your local Billiards, Snooker, 8ball, 9ball or various other associations where you can receive brilliant advice and even be provided with lessons.BILLIARD SHOP SALE LIQUIDATION

While all the many clubs can be found with a simple search of the web, joining clubs simply do not fit into the far majority of people’s lifestyle.

The beauty of the cue sport game is that you will get better with more play but to really take massive leaps forward, being taught all the basic techniques is naturally going to equip you with the knowledge to move in the right direction.

Another option is to seek advice and probably the most common practice is to access the thousands of instructional documents and videos on the web.

shutterstock_1702335To help you with this process there are a few basic’s you need to know when it comes to making head or tails of everyone else’s advice.

For the sake of this article we will focus on your stroke and do to this correctly you need to establish a proper stance, bridge, stroke and grip.

The bridge is of course your front hand that you place the front end of your cue on.

The key element you need to establish withthese elements is balance. This balance is the platform in which your game is built around and to establish this takes practice and patience.

As we are all different shapes and sizes our stance will also be different and this is why it takes practice to get to a comfortable, strong and stable position.

The Billiard Shop in Townsville, Mackay, Toowoomba,Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast and at Slacks Creek and Aspley in Brisbane can point you in the right direction. Simply call 1300 300 654.

So remember there is no single universally accepted stance. Even the professionals have their quirks.

That said, there are some expected characteristics. The back leg is braced with the front leg slightly bent and taking the majority of the weight. The body including the head should remain still during the shot to ensure you hit the target.


But then again, if your techniques works for you – well just go with it! Have fun! Knock yourself out!

At the end of the day, unless you are currently or are aiming to be a professional, the game is all about what the Billiard Shop professes – bringing family and friends together!