Since Des Niesler and his wife Shirley began manufacturing and retailing billiard tables in 1968, Billiard Shop has seen and been through many changes since.


Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt went missing in 1967. His search was called off in 1968.

It was the same year the search for Prime Minister Harold Holt was called off after he had disappeared while swimming off Portsea in Victoria and Joh Bjelke-Petersen became Queensland Premier after Jack Pizzey died in office. 1968 was also the year Australia got its first casino license – in Tasmania.


Qld Premier Joh Bjelke-Petersen held office from 1968 to 1987. He passed away on April 23 2005.

The NRL, AFL and A League were only pipe-dreams, Rain Lover won the Melbourne Cup, Bill Bowrey the Australian Tennis Open while mainstream computers and mobile phones were pure fiction. How did we ever survive!

Rain Lover at the Melbourne Cup in 1968.

Rain Lover at the Melbourne Cup in 1968.

The business name was changed to Billiard Shop in 1989 and with the accompanying expansion today holds the position as the largest Billiard Table and Accessories retail chain in Australia.

Yes, there has been much change and Billiard Shop has moved with the times from service delivery to pool table and pool cue designs.

And with a customer centric attitude Billiard Shop has just marked another era with the roll out of a new and improved interactive website.


Since 1968

Whether on lap top, mobile or iPad, all the Billiard Shop pool tables are now complimented with big beautiful descriptive pictures. A simple click or tap of the pictures will direct you through to the specifications where you can also make a quick online enquiry.

It’s all about streamlining the processes so you, the customer, can go about other important professional and personal matters.

The online 24-hour Shop is also designed to make your experience much more pleasurable.

Search through the accessories, balls, cases, covers etc. and click on the item you want and within seconds your item is on its way.

shop330Pool table reclothing, repairs and removals are also just a click away for your convenience and this is an area where Billiard Shop particularly excels in.

But we understand that many supporters of Billiard Shop want more. So we’ve come to the party. We have included a News section for you to keep up to date with the latest Industry news.

You can also sign up to our fortnightly Newsletter where we’ll tell you about all the Specials along with all the pool table and accessories designs.

So as we approach 50 years since the Billiard Shop legacy came to life, we are excited at this new customer centric website.

Let the good times roll in the game that’s brings family and friends together.