Yes we all know that coin operated Pool Tables are for Hotels and Clubs but have you ever thought what one would mean for your office.

The game does bring work places together and a coin operated table is a fantastic way to raise money for the end of year Christmas party.

There are a couple of options in having a coin operated pool table in your establishment; sale, rental, hire or entering into a share profit arrangement.

The share profit scenario eventuates into money in your pocket and for a Hotel or Club it is also a smart way to influence patronage.

Billiard Shop offers four types of coin operated tables. These are the Supreme and Prestige, and the Valley range; Panther coin operated table and Panther ZD-X electronic coin table.

The Valley brand which began in Bay City, Michigan nearly 60 years ago, brings the much loved “Cheyenne Leather” finish with the Panther range that comes in 7’x3’6″ & 8’x4′ sizes.

The coin operated and the ZD-X electronic table’s both have six turned legs, one piece ¾ inch thick slate top, competition grade directional cloth, one smooth integrated corner castings, flush-mount pocket liners and hidden screw rail trim for a clean and attractive modern look.

The only real difference is how the customer pays to play and as the name suggest the ZD-X facilitates wider digital paying options with the acceptance of money notes, naturally starting with the trusty old five dollar.

The software also opens up businesses to exciting pricing options from Happy Hours, Time Play and bonus pricing choices such as three games for the price of two.

One noticeable modern innovation that the Panther can boast is the sound or lack thereof. This is achieved through a once piece ball collector and magnetic ball separator which means no moving parts. So the clunk is gone which let’s face it shouldn’t bother you anyway.

But in a quitter working environment the muffled sound is a major selling point.

It’s important to note that even with the magnet inside, the cue ball is the exact same size and weight as the object balls.

Other features include Valley’s dual-density cushion rail rubber which promotes accuracy through a truer response.

These establishment pool tables have to withstand frequent play so the materials used have been designed with longevity in mind but without compromising play.  The diamond markers are permanently printed and coated with a clear melamine layer while the slate and Valley Teflon ultra-cloth resists spills and maintains its sheen.

And one of the greatest features of these tables for the owner is the coin chute housing is replaceable and can be removed and replaced with ease.

The playability on the other two Billiard Shop coin operated table options, the Supreme and Prestige is almost identical to the Panthers bar their traditional rounded pockets. The Panthers have straight cut pockets.

They also comprise one piece ¾ inch thick slate top with competition grade directional cloth.

The Supreme and Prestige are available from Billiard Shop in one size, 7′ x 3’6″ with the coin mechanism adjustable from $1 to $4 play.

Drop into a store today to inspect the great range and speak to a trained expert to ensure you are getting the right product for your needs. Billiard Shop has everything required to play snooker, pool, 9 ball and billiards. We also offer billiard table removal, reclothing and refurbishment service.

Billiard Shop is Australia’s Largest Billiard Table Supplier, with 7 retail stores across Queensland. Aspley and Slacks Creek in Brisbane, Bundall on the Gold Coast, Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast and in Toowoomba, Mackay and Townsville.