The Apollo has landed!

While I’m not about to compare the significance of the first moon landing to the first time the Apollo Pool Table touched down in Australia, nonetheless is it a special moment.

The Apollo pool table is the very latest addition to the Billiard Shop pool table range along with ‘The Manhattan’.

The two very American named tables have made their way down under having forged a strong presence overseas in particular the American market due to their contemporary feel.


The Apollo

At the same time, the Apollo’s long slender legs have retro overtones that would not look out of place with Elvis, Marilyn, James Dean or Bogart hunched around it.

It is most certainly fresh and the distinct beautiful lines lends itself to a room adorned with an equally distinct framed picture.

The tables come in a range of options from cloth colour to a matte charcoal timber finish to a walnut timber stain.

The pockets are genuine standard leather and the rails are adorned with mother-of-pearl (MOP) diamond sites.

The Manhattan also has the same pockets and MOP diamond sites … but would you take a look at those legs.


The Manhattan

The craftsmanship has resulted in a powerfully attention seeking feature piece.

The inward curves draw in the eyes while also opens up a space by giving the table the appearance of taking up less room.

IMG_1393Another bonus factor of the design is that it’s just about physically impossible to stub your toe on.

If you decide that ‘You’ll take Manhattan’ you will quickly discover it will complement a range of interior designs without taking away from its ornamental quality. The tables can also come with a dining top.

The Apollo and the Manhattan, two great additions to the Billiard Shop range which have been setting the pace of pool table design in Australia since 1968.

Let the good times roll.

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