The Oxford Dictionary defines ‘handmade’ as, made by hand, not by machine, and typically therefore of superior quality.

The Oxford Dictionary isn’t in the game of giving words meanings that they don’t represent so when you hear ‘handmade’ in reference to a usable product you can justifiably believe that it’s of superior quality.

The Palko Range of handmade pool cues are quality which is why Billiard Shop outlets stock them at Aspley and Slacks Creek in Brisbane, Toowoomba, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

So when we refer to quality, we mean quality – after all that what a handmade cue means!

So why are they?

For a starter only the highest quality timers such as Ash are used. The most defining representation of why the Palko handmade timber cues are so great is that they are made to the highest specifications.

The results in a beautiful and balanced hold. The end result of this is a cue you can have confidence in. It feels good. It is good!

The cues come in single, double or three pieces from a 9.5mm leather tip to a 13mm tip.

Cue Palko Hand Made PX3 – 2 Piece 13mm Tip

Cue Palko Hand Made PX4 – 48″ 3/4 Ash

Cue Palko Hand Made PX4 – 48″ 3/4 Ash

Cue Palko Hand Made PX6 – 3 Piece Ash

Cue Palko Hand Made PX6 – 3 Piece Ash

The quality of the timber work really sets them apart but what’s even better they are affordable.

As to what style suits you best, you really need to come into a Billiard Shop outlet.

Pool Cues handmade

Palko PX1 – 1 Piece

Pool Cues handmade

PX2 – 2 Piece

Pool Cues handmade

PX5 – 2 Piece


During the month of March 2016, you do have the opportunity to pick a PX2 – 2 Piece Palko pool cue for free by simply Booking in a table recloth.

The Ash Cue single splice PX2 general specifications are:57″ 2 piece with 9.5mm Leather Tip (Weights: Approx. 19oz) with brass joint. Nice one Palko!

This is a very good promotion and will be widely received so make sure you book your Billiard Shop pool table recloth early.

A recloth really does reinvigorate not only your table but your game as anything new is always just a little bit exciting.

So here’s to letting the good times roll with Billiard Shop which has been bringing family and friends together since ’68.

Pool Cues handmade