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Nothing quite defines a home like a well-crafted Pool Table. A Pool Table makes a home feel welcoming, fun and most of all relaxing.

The decision to bring a pool table into your home is an exciting time from what size and type of table to designing the room.

Today there are more pool table options than ever and this is largely due to the Industry needing to keep up to speed with changing home designs.

The new home designs range from the very poplar open space entertainment rooms to inner-city units and across the suburbs, strong expansive ground or second floor balconies.

The tables now on offer accommodate all these needs, with the traditional Indoor Tables now sharing the same retail space as Outdoor Tables.

The Outdoor Tables such as the X-Men, Mood and SOS Patio Table are built for the variance of Australian weather with the highest grade aluminum electrostatically powder coated used to special rubber cushions and outdoor billiard cloth that is both water and UV resistant.

But the biggest and most exciting development in pool table production has been in the space-saver market.

The space-saver market caters for those wanting a pool table but not wanting to lose a whole room for it.

Billiard Shop’s response to this has been the development of Transition Tables.


A Transition Table,  is a seamless combination of dining table and pool table. When the table top is on a Transition Table is an impressive feature-piece dining table that compliments any home design.

The pockets are hidden and the playability of the slate table is excellent.

So with an abundance of pool table options the hardest decision is quite often – which table?

The first step in this process is knowing what size table best suits your space, whether that be indoors or outdoors. The table below details the dimensions of what fits best.

After you’ve chosen a pool table then it’s on to room design if it needs to be.

With home décor and interior decoration now big business there are now numerous affordable options to bring your entertainment room to life or dining room for that matter.

Whatever the case your new table will most certainly do what Billiard Shop has been saying since established in 1968 – bring family and friends together!