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How important is work life balance?

by | Pool Tables | 0 comments

And so it begins! 2018. The start of a new year is always a habitual time for reflection with the common theme – the want of a better life on both the working and personal front.

The ‘want of better’ is typically motivated through a New Year’s resolution for improved health.

We all know it’s true that a healthy body equates to a healthy mind but that doesn’t mean we have to pound the pavement, go to the gym or eat like rabbits.

Yes, doing more fitness or eating healthier will have natural benefits but to get to a stage where we can do this requires us to start somewhere and this all begins with the head or rather head-space.

We all have pressures to perform at work and these pressures, whether real or imagined, can easily consume us. As we age more pressures can come in to play such as financial, children, relationship, health and job security.

To properly address these natural life pressures we do need to find some head-space and the only way to do this is to give ourselves some time-out.

The best forms of time-out are activities that are relaxing and force us to think about something else.

Playing Pool is a classic example as it is relaxing and concentrating on shots and tactics with family, friends or simply yourself takes your mind off other things.

Now the power in this is that when you clear your mind it is much easier to work through the challenges that life throws your way and recharge your batteries.

But even if you’re on top of things in your professional and personal life, taking time-out by playing pool can purely be a key component of a healthy work and life balance.

Having a healthy work and life balance is very important, after all we are only human!

So as 2018 begins, do take time-out for yourself as you do deserve it. Billiard Shop wishes you all the best in being resolute in your resolutions to let the good times roll