You wouldn’t be the first person to ponder why Pool is called Pool.

How on earth is there any correlation between a Pool Table and a Pool that you swim in?

The similarity however is in the meaning of the word itself which can be broadly applied to a number of situations.

A pool when put in the context of a swimming pool is body of water.

Pool by pure definition is a gathering or a collection which leads us to how the game of Pool received its name.

In the 19th century (1800’s) a Pool Room was the name given to a place where men use to gather to bet on horse races.

To keep them entertained between the bets, the pool room owners installed Billiard Tables.

As time progressed the name pool and pool rooms stuck which is why today we call Billiards Tables Pool Tables and the general term of the cue sport game Pool.

So in actual fact the name Pool has nothing to do with the game at all. It is catchy!

As immortalized in the movie The Castle, the well quoted phrase “That’s going straight to the Pool Room” has more of a ring to it than “That’s going straight to the Billiards Room”.


Who would have thought that the simple and business savvy decision to place a Billiard Table into a betting room would one day brand the game of Billiards?

Today the mere mention of the Pool Room represents a room where great fun and relaxing times are had.

It is a place where the good times roll and as Billiard Shop says the Pool Room is the place which brings family and friends together.

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