The first thing that hits you when you press play is the full surround sound streaming out of the two high-performing left and right hand-side quality speakers.

jukebox-made-from-old-tp_billiard_shopJuke Boxes are now in-store at Billiard Shop in all locations at Aspley, Gold Coast, Slacks Creek, Mackay, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba and Townsville.

At first look you may ponder that there’s something very familiar about the look of these Billiard Shop Juke Boxes. The Australian designed music makers are actually converted decommissioned poker machines.

But these completely refurbished systems promise not to chew your money and after the first few songs they take on a completely new appearance

All the playing buttons are now where your fingers select the music. An amazing 6,7000 songs are preloaded into the inbuilt computer and more of your favourite bands or artists can be added from a USB. There is also a remote control unit.

The production of the Juke Box is all done by hand which takes around 50 hours. And manufacturers getting hold of a constant supply of decommissioned poker machine is not always easy.

As a result interested parties are encouraged to be proactive.

The Billiard Shop Juke Box can also be custom made. The two lighted board areas, at the head and the body, are able to be changed to include pictures of anything your heart desires.

It’s fair enough to say the Poker machines boards aren’t exactly aesthetically pleasing so your personal design from your favourite band, beverage, sporting team or family is going to be a fair bit more pleasing.