Kamui Pool tips


They have been described as the Apple of Pool cue tips.

Kamui Pool tips are considered to not just be at the cutting edge of pool cue tips but the actual cutting edge through an extensively tried and tested laminate and compression process.

The end result is more reliable play which equates to greater confidence in stroke-play.

Hundreds or professionals around the world now use the tips and they are available from Billiard Shop stores in Toowoomba, Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast, Bundall on the Gold Coast, Townsville and in the Brisbane centres of Aspley and Slacks Creek.

Kamui (kah-MOO-ee) which is the Japanese word for divine or powerful consists of 100% Japanese pig skin leather with each 10 layers laminated and glued together.

The unique production process is what creates quality and performance with the compression process resulting in high porosity in the pig skin.

In other words this leaves the pores of the pig skin open, allowing the chalk to penetrate the surface enough to really hold onto chalk to promote grip.

Greater grip translates to a reduce chance of miscuing a shot and to compensate for how much performance you want, super soft, soft, medium and hard tips have been produced.

The compressed leather tip has a shield on its base for the glue to be applied which removes the practice of sanding the bottom layer as is the case in traditional tips. This shield protects the glue from being absorbed into the pig skin which guarantees a perfectly aligned installation to achieve the designed tip and cue performance.

The range of tips come in Original or Black.

kamui cue tips

The Original, which holds its original leather colour, is designed to generate more speed with a more accurate shot. It allows the player to move the cue ball over a longer distance with accurate shooting.

The Black is promoted for Precise Cue Ball Control due to its high elasticity properties. This high elasticity of the black leather absorbs the momentum of the cue so as to propel the cue ball with desired spin.

As to whether your personal game would be suited to a Super Soft, Soft, Medium, and Hard contact your nearest Billiard Shop in Queensland on 1300 300 654. Billiard Shop experts will be able to match up a Kamui tip with what you play with right now and/or by your style of play.

One thing certain, Kamui’s ever expanding market share of the tips isn’t by chance with the Craftsmanship at the heart of quality control.

While the Japanese pig is a fine grade of leather for a pool cue tip there is still a specially selected part that is considered critical to the quality of a Kamui tip. The selected piece is then further evaluated and double checked by two craftsman.

Further testing is carried out in the production process to detect any problems and a serial number is also assigned so in the case of concern, Kamui can trace back what temperature, humidity, material and craftsman was involved.

The tips aside, the Kamiu story is a great life lesson. Through extensive testing they believed they had a very fine product! They took it took America spending serious cash advertising on every billiard magazine only to sell one tip!

With steely determination and an impenetrable belief they pushed on. Further research revealed the American billiards market is only word of mouth which prompted Kamui to push free sample tips to cue makers and repairers.

With the Kamui tips now in Billiard Shop stores in Australia the power of justified belief and steely determination proves you can achieve goals.

It’s also why Billiard Shop is passionate about their tables and accessories as the cue sport game really does bring Family and Friends together to let the good times roll!