“If I’ve told you once I’ve told you a thousand times put the cue back in the rack when you’re finished playing”. Sound familiar in your household?

kids-playing-pool-billiard-shopSuch is the wonderful active mind of our children that they will leave a pool cue everywhere and anywhere without much thought – much the same as how a man leaves his car keys next to the fairies who magically pick them up and put them in a place he can’t find the next morning.

But that’s another story!

Pool Cues, of the wooden variety, have a propensity to succumb to wear and tear if they are not looked after like any natural material.

The main two things not to do to in order to keep your cue nice and straight is not to rest your cue again a wall, chair or the table and don’t leave it next to a heater.

Leaving the cue leaning against any surface for long periods of time over and over again is a sure way to bend the tip of the cue.

Now doing this leaning business next to a heater or in a humid weather environment will speed up the warping process.

So what do you do?

For a one piece cue there’s no doubt packing it away in a hard cue case is the best practice as it will also protect the cue from the elements.


However this is not always practical for those adorable children of yours.

The most convenient way is to put the cue in a pool rack. Height dependent this will take the kids just a couple of seconds to do as we all know anything above 7 seconds will heighten the chances of you once again shouting out “Put those cues away!”

You have three options with the cue racks, either wall mounted, rubber hanger or stand. Either option does inject a bit more styling to the Pool Room.

Another way to also increase the longevity of your cue is to treat it like dinner! And what do you do before you eat – wash your hands to get rid of the grime.


As a proactive measure Billiard Shop recommends you take your children through cue care before a break is made and that care also extends to banging the butt on the ground.

To take this one step further you can always place a rubber on the end which will also protect the floor.

If all of this wooden cue care stuff scares you, don’t worry – your Billiard Shop cues will last.

But such is the variety of pool cues at the Billiard Shop outlets in Toowoomba, Townsville, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Aspley and Slacks Creek in Brisbane your Billiard Shop expert will tell you everything there is to know about pool cue care and which one is best for you.

But if you’re still worried we have a simple solution – pick up a fibreglass Grafex cue which has a graphite sleeve injected with a foam resin. They are made straight and generally stay straight. If you do go down this track remember cheap imitations are not injected with the Billiard Shop high grade resin.

So there you have it! Tell the kids how to look after the pool cue from day one so you can save your voice and afford more time to look for those car keys.