It’s the regular Monday morning question at work. “How was your weekend?”.

For High School teacher Alex from Brisbane his response this Monday morning was a bit more animated than usual.

In between taking sips of his morning cup of steaming coffee in the staff room, he replied with “Absolutely fantastic!”.

Alex paused in reflection before adding to his statement as the gathered staff member’s eyes widen in impatient anticipation of his justification for using the word ‘fantastic’.

“I went around to a mate’s place, Anthony, the Sparky you know from touch-footy, for a couple of quiet ones”.

“A couple of our mates and their partners and wives were also there and we just kicked back for what at first was meant to be an early night”.


“Anthony hadn’t told us beforehand but he had a brand spanking new Pool Table and along with the new cues it was amazing to play-on. There was plenty of banter throughout the evening – it was such a cool way to chill out with good people, some of them I hadn’t seen for a while”.

What Alex didn’t tell his colleagues is his game was pretty ordinary but it didn’t concern him one little bit due to the craic of the evening.

That’s not to say he didn’t have a win. He got on like a house on fire with Anthony’s wife’s (Bernadette) friend Angela. For the record no numbers were exchanged but they’re all catching up for another night of Pool and banter in three weeks. Let the good times roll!


Alex finished his ‘how was your weekend’ explanation with, “I’m now seriously thinking about getting a Pool Table myself”.

“Do you even have room at your place to fit a Pool Table”, Trudi the Science teacher quips.

“Absolutely”, Alex replied. “Anthony’s table is a seven-footer, just over two metres, and that would fit nicely in my dining room which I never use as I eat in the kitchen”.

The morning school bell rings. Mary’s mind is now in overdrive thinking she wants a Pool Table for her teenage children.

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