Did you know that playing Pool can help your kids develop into the best they can be in life?

We are not talking about becoming world champion players. It all has to do with teaching your kids two of the greatest things in life without them even knowing it.

These two ‘things’ are concentration and problem solving.pool-table-family-concentrationWith computer based entertainment being exposed to our next generation at an increasing level, the child development benefits of play activity, such as the cue sport games, are taking on greater importance.

According to the Australian parenting website www.raisingchildren.net.au, computer use is changing the physical shapes of our brains which might be a particular worry for children’s brains, which are still developing. For example, constant stimulation from digital devices might create attention problems for children, who already find it challenging to set priorities and resist impulses.

But it’s not just all about computer games! In 2009 the Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that over 40% of children aged 5-14 watched an average of 20+ hours of Television per fortnight and spent less than two hours doing informal physical activity such as riding a bike.


However it’s important to note that these viewing statistics have risen in line with the increasing cost of living and both parents working which means less energy for play-time.

So this is where a Pool Tables comes into play in helping with children’s development and bringing family and friends together.

Playing pool does require a healthy dose of concentration to focus on not only hitting the white ball but pushing the object ball to where you want it to go.

Just where you want the ball to go requires problem-solving. This is a great scenario for parent(s) and child to interact and come up with a solution. While the shot is not always going to come off, plenty of encouragement does wonders for your child’s confidence.

The interaction you can have with your children when problem-solving on a Pool Table goes an incredibly long way to strengthening the family bond.

Is your cue straight, how hard are you going to hit the ball, where do you need to hit the object ball for it to go in a certain direction, are just some of the many child development equations you will share as a family.

These acquired skills of concentration and problem-solving around the Pool Table will carry across to situations in your children’s future professional and personal lives. That’s the beauty of playing Pool.


In time you might even find your children will find greater solitude in going to the Pool Table than sitting in front of a computer screen.

And as your children reach their late teens, understand that a Pool Table does build their relationships with their mates.

It’s why Billiard Shop’s slogan is ‘Bringing family and friends together’ because it’s exactly what it does.