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Is the cloth on your pool table looking a little worn? If faded, torn or damaged in any other way, it’s time to consider pool table cloth replacement (aka reclothing).

Certainly if burns, divots or picks are interfering with the game play, it is time to invest in replacing the cloth! The experts at Billiard Shop can handle the job and ensure your table is back to its best – possibly even better than it ever has been – in no time.

How often is billiard table cloth replacement required?

Typically, pool table cloth replacement is required only every 10 to 20 years depending on the quality of the material – felt will wear far more than intricately-weaved worsted wool – and how it’s been treated.

For example, a cloth’s longevity may be adversely affected by exposure to sunlight, beer spillages, cigarette burns or damage resulting from trick shots – such as L-shaped tears caused by the cue making contact with the cloth when shooting at a right angle to make the ball spin. Wear lines can also develop from repetitively breaking from the same spot.

Whether or not you originally purchased your table from Billiard Shop, our pool table repair service is available to you.

It’s fair to say that with online classified advertisement websites contributing to more and more second-hand pool tables being purchased, many in varying states of disrepair, requests for Billiard Shop to re-cloth pool tables have increased exponentially in recent years.

Upgrading the cloth on your pool table or snooker table

If you’re considering pool table refelting but are wanting to improve playability of your pool table, felt replacement in favour of a higher-grade cloth is a great place to start.

When it comes to pool table or snooker table cloth replacement, we offer three premium-quality options to suit every customer’s requirements and budget:

When considering pool table recovering for home play, the FSN is more than adequate. However, competition players will almost certainly have a preference for the Hainsworth cloth for superior ball control and speed or the even finer, faster nap of the Strachan cloth.

Across the FSN, Hainsworth and Strachan range, there are also about 15 colours to choose from to ensure a perfect fit with your decor.

Is DIY billiard table cloth replacement advisable?

We sell cloth for customers who want to attempt the task themselves, however we do not advise it and find we’re often called in to finish the job.

A major problem is the cloth ending up too loose during initial DIY install. It can be restretched afterwards, however that can lead to issues with markings being pulled out of shape – effectively meaning the need to start from scratch, at additional cost.

DIY efforts in stretching and stapling the cloth can also easily lead to tears, resulting in a greater cost outlay for you.

The best solution is to have our team of professional pool table repair experts get the job done for you first time, without any hassle.

Is pool table cloth repair possible?

Sometimes customers request us to remedy damage on their existing cloth, rather than replacing it, however we do not recommend this practice.

Patching or gluing down torn cloth generally does nothing to improve the table’s playability. In fact, it typically results in a section of slightly raised cloth that still causes the ball to deviate.

If there is damage to your cloth causing frustrating interference with game play, we wholeheartedly urge you to opt to re-cover your pool table and start enjoying bringing family and friends together again!

What is the process involved in billiard table cloth replacement?

Due to the weight of billiard tables and the care required in moving them, it is far more cost-effective for us to re-cover your table with a new cloth in-situ at your premises.

However, the process typically involved us being on-site for about an hour on two separate visits – particularly if cushion re-rubbering or pocket replacement is also required.

Our billiard table re-clothing process may include a combination of the following steps:

  • Remove the old cloth from the table bed and cushions.
  • Thoroughly clean the slate bed surface.
  • Inspect the pocket nets and leather (we’ll make a recommendation for replacement if required).
  • Fit your new cloth in your selected colour onto the table bed.
  • Place new spots and markings on the new cloth.
  • Replace cushion cloth.

The turnaround time is generally a week or so, however the best-case scenario is 2-3 days. Be sure to mention upfront any urgency you may have – such as needing the work done before family or friends come to visit – and we will endeavour to work to your timeframe.

Be sure to speak to an expert today about your pool table cloth replacement needs. Call Billiard Shop or submit the enquiry form.



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