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Worn cushions can negatively impact the way your pool table plays in a huge way. As part of general pool table maintenance and repair program, cushion replacement is recommended after years of use to ensure optimum playability and avoid major frustration – especially for serious players.

If you find your billiard table cushions are sagging, have lost their bounce or are showing signs of general wear and tear, don’t let it ruin you game play!

Wondering how to replace rubber cushion on pool table rails? It’s easy: simply call on the billiard table repair experts at Billiard Shop.

Billiard Shop’s pool table cushion replacement process includes the following steps:

  • Removing cushion rails from the table and transporting them to one of our workshops – located in Brisbane, Logan, the Gold Coast, Toowoomba, the Sunshine Coast, Mackay and Townsville.
  • Removing the old cushion from the cushion rails.
  • Preparing the surface of the cushion rails for the application of new cushions.
  • Fitting the cushion rails with the new cushion blocks.
  • Fitting with new rubber.
  • Clothing the new cushions in a colour of your choice.

This involves special tools and special glue. Best left to professionals, such as our pool table repair experts, a key component in this work is getting the pocket shape right – ensuring the pocket does not end up too large or too small.

When working on older tables where the cushions have been nailed on, typically manufactured back in the 1970s or 1980s, we also recommend taking the opportunity to upgrade them to screw-in cushions at the same time. This allows for better contact onto the cushion rail, providing more consistent bounce.

Why is pool table rubber cushion replacement so integral to the gameplay?

The purpose of rail cushions is to rebound the balls while maintaining their kinetic energy. In order to achieve this, the cushions are made from vulcanised rubber, similar to what is used in making tyres or the soles of shoes.

If the rubber perishes, whether it goes hard and cracks or becomes soft and doughy, the quality of bounce will be affected – both in terms of the distance the ball travels and the angle it rebounds off the cushion.

Should other pool table repairs be undertaken at the same time?

Yes! If the rubber inside the cushion is being replaced, it’s always wise to replace the cloth covering it also. Rather than ending up with patchwork cloth, which itself can affect the table’s playability, pool table or snooker table cushion replacement is best done in conjunction with a full reclothing.

Speak to an expert today about professional billiard table cushion replacement. Call Billiard Shop or submit the enquiry form.


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