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Mood Outdoor Pool Table

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The Mood Outdoor Pool Table is a true innovation in the billiard industry and an absolute game-changer! Designed to suit the great outdoors, you can set up your table outside and play pool under the Aussie sun while enjoying the natural breezes.

With a classy look and amazing playability, the Mood is arguably the ultimate in Australian outdoor pool tables and the most popular in our range. A striking and unique table constructed from the highest grade electrostatically powder-coated aluminium to protect against the elements, combined with special rubber cushions, rubber pockets with water evacuation and worsted outdoor billiard cloth that are both UV-resistant and waterproof, it is free from timber, staples or anything else that can rust or rot.

The Mood is available in two different lengths – 7-foot with four legs or 8-foot with six legs – and made to the same exacting standards as our range of quality indoor pool tables with the playing characteristics that serious pool players expect.

Featuring an international standard ¾-inch thick one-piece slate, it comes with American-style drop pockets to suit the slightly larger 2¼-inch ball, making it extremely popular with those who love playing eight-ball and nine-ball pool.

Why opt for an outdoor pool table?

With modern home designs tending to forgo a games room in favour of a media room, or a single open-plan living area, not everyone can find space for a pool table inside.

Many pool table owners have previously experimented with placing their timber tables outside, only to later regret it due to cracking in the frame or legs. Perfect for Australia’s harsh weather conditions, the Mood Outdoor Pool Table can withstand humidity and the elements much better than timber tables – especially cheaply-manufactured tables made from MDF.

If you have a large terrace or deck, or even a suitable space in the garden, you’ll make parties, barbecues and family gatherings a huge hit with the Mood outdoor pool table. It’s the perfect entertainment option and you’re sure to impress your relatives and friends by having the latest technology in billiard table making.

In reality, the only thing you can’t guard against with this outdoor pool table – certainly while it’s in use – is leaf matter or bird droppings, but the ability to hose down the table makes cleaning pretty easy.

Although preferable to be kept under some form of shelter to extend the table’s longevity and minimise maintenance needs – whether a roof, large umbrellas or shade sails – if the Mood is to be left out in the open it is recommended to use a heavy-duty waterproof cover. We have a two-piece aluminium cover available for purchase as an optional extra.

Of course, if you’d prefer to set up this table indoors, you absolutely can do so. The choice is yours! Either way, you’ll enjoy bringing family and friends together with this stylish pool table.

Cloth colours

Blue only – it’s the only fully outdoor cloth currently available.

Please note: Due to monitor capabilities, the colour depicted may vary from the final product.

Frame colours

The Mood Outdoor Pool Table is available with either a white or black powder coat finish. Other colours are available upon request, however surcharges will apply.


The Mood Outdoor Pool Table comes with a 10-year warranty on the frame and a lifetime warranty on the slate.

Also for your consideration

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Table SizeIdeal Room SizeMinimum Room Size
6’ x 3’             (1.83 x 0.91)16’ x 13’        (4.88 x 3.96)14’ x 11’        (4.27 x 3.35)
7’ x 3’6”         (2.13 x 1.07)17’ x 13’6”    (5.18 x 4.11)15’ x 11’6”    (4.57 x 3.50)
8’ x 4’             (2.44 x 1.22)18’ x 14’        (5.49 x 4.27)16’ x 12’        (4.88 x 3.66)
9 x 4’6”          (2.74 x 1.27)19’ x 14’        (5.79 x 4.42)17’ x 12’6”    (5.18 x 3.81)
10’ x 5’           (3.05 x 1.52)20’ x 15’        (6.10 x 4.57)18’ x 13’        (5.49 x 3.96)
12’ x 6’           (3.66 x 1.83)22’ x 16’        (6.71 x 4.88)20’ x 14’       (6.10 x 4.27)

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Sizes:7'x3'6" or 8'x4
Material:Electrostatically powder coated aluminium
Purpose:Suits indoor and outdoor use
Frame Colour:White Or Black Powder Coat
Cloth Colour:blue cloth Outdoor Blue -Custom options available for additional cost
Cloth Type:Water and UV resistant
Optional Extra:2 Piece aluminium cover

Have a query?

For free, friendly advice, call 1300 300 654 today to speak to an expert and have one of the Billiard Shop team member answer any questions you might have.

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