You can tell a lot about a person from their shoes and you can also tell a lot about a Pool Table by its feet.

sandal-with-broken-heelA broken heel on a women’s shoe, and there will be a few during the Spring Racing Carnival, doesn’t make for a pleasurable walk.

Likewise broken feet, resulting in a lopsided Pool Table, doesn’t make at all for an enjoyable game of Pool or Snooker.

So how does one actually break the feet of a table?

The most common fault is damaged caused when you move the table yourself but more often than not it’s through general wear and tear or through an inferior product.

An old table that has stood the test of time in an exposed environment, such as a deck or shed, will more than likely have resulted in the feet becoming rusted.

This will particularly be the case if the foot was made from a cheaper metal. Then of course there’s the plastic foot components which can break a number of ways.

Billiard Shop has three types of feet which can resuscitate the life and look of your table and are relatively easy to install.

Billiard Shop does urge caution as the last thing you want to do is break your own foot while replacing one. We’ll do it for you.

The plain Brass small foot that includes the flange, bolt and nut will last a lifetime.


Like any brass product you can bring it to a wonderful shine but left by itself it still does hold its place in any Pool Room.

The Chrome plain small foot also includes the flange, bolt and nut.


From a practical point of view the Chrome feet are great but there’s no doubting the Brass is the more traditional look.

The third option is the simple adjustable glide foot which comes with the T nut. This option well and truly does the job but naturally doesn’t look as flash as the Brass and Chrome options.


The Billiard Shop feet can all be placed on any range of pool table so it does come down to personal choice.

If your pool table doesn’t have feet, in other words is just all legs, Billiard Shop can add them. This is done by cutting off around three inches from each leg and then placing on the legs.

This process won’t affect the universal playing height of the table and does give it an upgraded look.

Shoes doesn’t maketh the man, they certainly make women feel better but new feet won’t maketh you play Pool better but it will give you a nice feeling that your table looks and plays great. And that’s a sure bet!