It is said that perfect practice makes perfect. That being the case, here’s a perfect way to start practicing your Snooker play with Ronnie’s Snooker Masterclass.

In this video by Ronnie O’Sullivan, the multiple world champion player, takes us through everything from Grip and Stance to splitting the pack.

Here is the timeline of Ronnie’s Snooker Masterclass.

The Basics

0:25 ► Grip, Stance & Walking Into The Shot
1:30 ► Bridge Hand
2:16 ► Ronnie’s Bonus Tip

Break Building
3:07 ► Follow Through Shot
4:00 ► Screw Back Shot
4:48 ► Ronnie’s Break Building Drill

7:40 ► Tight Safety Play
8:06 ► Attacking Safety Play
9:00 ► Containing Safety Play
9:54 ► Safety Play Summary

Professional Shots
11:00 ► Soft Screw Shot
12:06 ► Stun Run Throught
12:22 ► Straight Stun Run Throught
13:06 ► Off-Straight Stun Run Throught
13:50 ► Splitting The Pack

O’Sullivan is a prolific break-builder and holds the record for the most competitive century breaks. Among many records, Ronnie holds the record for the fast competitive maximum break – 5 minutes and 20 seconds.


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