I’ll be back said the Terminator and it certainly has.

Well truth be told it never left – it’s been infiltrating homes throughout Australia for quite a while.

Another Terminator 9 ball Pool Table has made a welcome entry into another new Aussie home this week. See this very handsome table in the below picture.


The Terminator is a USA specification, ball return pool table featuring six USA style Drop pockets with:

  • Chrome finish surrounds
  • ball return system
  • ball tray
  • 1 piece 1″ thick slate
  • FSW Worsted USA Speed Cloth.

The ‘Terminator’s’ modern and contemporary design makes it an ideal choice for any pool room.


The available sizes are 8’x4′ and 9’x4’6″.

For more intimate pictures of the Billiard Shop Terminator Pool Table CLICK TAP PRESS HERE

Hasta la vista!