What do you get a person that’s got everything? A pool/snooker glove of course from the Billiard Shop online store!

It’s a gift you give a mate because there’s a fair chance he, or she for that matter, isn’t going to buy one themselves.

Yes it’s only $15 but that’s beside the point.

To be honest for the traditionalist it’s just not proper but then again I can’t see too many teenagers slipping it on unless there’s a Michael Jackson tribute blue-light disco going down. But his was white – right? I really don’t want to admit to knowing that but let’s just say it was a bit flash.

But then again it is Halloween on the 31st October. It certainly wouldn’t be out of place on that night. But when knocking on doors, tread carefully if the person who opens the door is wearing one on each hand and invites you in to see a trick rather than a treat. Run!

Anyway let’s get back on subject – that little black pool/snooker glove and some solid reasons why you should buy one.

Well we’ve all got a family or friend that is a big game sweater and there’s always someone that blames a sticky cue inhibiting their ‘that was going to be the greatest shot ever played’ excuse.

Now ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls stop the complaints and buy them the little black two finger, one thumb glove.

I will admit that wearing one is pretty smooth and it does create with fantastically resistant-free stroke-play.

I’m sorry to disappoint though – it does only come in black.

It’s a sure way to stop the complaints and excuses of not being able to establish some stroke-play smoothness.

To make it even more interesting, give it to someone for a Christmas present. It kind of makes them have to wear it. But be warned it may result in you suffering a higher than usual number of festive season pool table losses as the glove does good!

While you are also on the Billiard Shop online shop you will find plenty of other little gifts that would be put to good use, from boxes of chalk, table brushes, key-rings, Kelly Pool shaker and marbles, cue-tip repair kit and arguably the most interesting named product, Shaft Slicker which should only be used to clean grime off your playing cue.


So do your mate and your sanity a favour and think about grabbing a glove or simply just do it for a few laughs.