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Learn to shoot straight with the 360 PureCue Stroke Trainer

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traditional-mm 33The 360 PureCue Stroke Trainer is the most effective precision-made stroke training device ever produced.

The 360 PureCue Stroke Trainer assists in diagnosing the individual flaws in every player’s cue action.

The self-centering spring mechanism acts like any normal cue when the player executes a shot with proper technique. But it will bend and cause the player to lose complete control of the stroke when an improper technique is used.

The 360 PureCue Stroke Trainer will train a player to:

  • Cue Straighter
  • Cue Smoother
  • Develop Perfect Timing
  • Cue with a more efficient power
  • Become like one with the cue

As a result, the 360 PureCue Stroke Trainer is used by some of the world’s top players, coaches, and academies.

The 360 PureCue Stroke Trainer is available in Snooker specifications with a 9.5mm tip, Canadian Ash shaft or Pool specification with a 13mm tip Canadian Maple Shaft.

How it Works

The 360 PureCue Stroke Trainer incorporates a specially designed self-centering spring loaded section that flexes/bends when any uneven distribution of pressure is applied by the player.

This forces the player to attempt to balance out the imbalances in their action in their playing position.

Using the 360 PureCue

Former professional player turned snooker coach and creator of the 360 PureCue Stroke Trainer, Neil Johnson, explains the characteristics and advantages of the 360 PureCue.

    1. We generally advise the player to start off slowly with the 360 PureCue. traditional-mm 35For example, begin to become more familiar with the device by using the cue ball only, training yourself to gradually increase the distance and the amount of power you can use without the cue flexing. This can be done by potting the white only with top, screw, side or a combination of some of these but it is recommended you master the centre ball area first as the cue is more likely to be on a plain that is easier to keep the energy running through the strike.
    2. Add the object ball along the way when you feel you can. You don’t necessarily have to master these things before you attempt other shots but it is recommended that you use this routine to some degree regardless of how proficient you become with it.
    3. We suggest you simply try some set play exercises like lineups. Using the 360 PureCue this way will help you to develop your technique and tempo when in and amongst the balls.
    4. When confident enough, you can begin to introduce some long pots. Long pots with side, stun or screw are particularly challenging, as are safety shots from distance with side.
    5. Rest play with the 360 PureCue can also prove very challenging and as with normal rest play with a standard cue the boundaries are narrower. It is recommended that you take it very easy at first when using the rest with the 360, maybe even beginning without any balls at all just to get a feel for it.
    6. Continue to fill in the gaps in your own individual way. When you feel ready, you can even try using the 360 PureCue Stroke Trainer in an actual game. The fact that you would then be using the device in such a life like situation will help you to confirm the overall progress you have madE.

 Caring for Your 360PureCue

  1. Do not overly bend the spring mechanism in a fashion that is outside what the 360 PureCue has been designed for.
  2. Avoid using the cue to lean on when standing around the table.
  3. Avoid leaning the cue against the wall.
  4. When screwing and unscrewing the cue, never hold the butt side of the cue with one of your hands, instead, keep both hands close at either side of the screw joint to avoid twisting the spring mechanism.