Let’s face it not everyone has the room, the budget or the want of a Traditional Full size Billiard Table.

In fact the cornerstone of the Billiard Shop business for nearly twenty years has been the 9ft x 4’6ft and the 8ft x 4ft Supreme Traditional Table.


Besides the six legs, these various smaller sized Supreme tables have all the playability and features of the full size from rubbers wrapped around into the pockets to English standards and invisible brackets secured into the side rails. These sliding side rails are bolted directly into the slate and also screwed into the build-up.

The combination of the bolt and the screw results in an exceptional and consistent bounce.

This is important to note as some manufacturers only screw the rails into the build-up. Overtime this screw comes loose making for an inconsistent bounce.

Competition grade directional cloth is used for the Supreme and you have the choice of a high-sheen 2-pac lacquer finish or a low sheen satin.

The 8ft Supreme has a one piece ¾ inch thick slate base, whilst the 9ft has three pieces of inch thick slate, pinned together to ensure a perfectly true playing surface.

This traditional billiard table is unique and unmatched in design and construction. The 7ft, 8ft, 9ft Supreme caters for everyone from the beginner to the most enthusiastic of professionals

The other major traditional table is the Grand Duke with the non-full-size tables available at Billiard Shop in the 7ft’ x 3’6ft, 8ft x 4ft, 9ft x 4’6ft.

Like the Supreme, the Grand Duke range has all the characteristics and appeal of the full-size.


The frame is made from the finest hand selected hardwood timber with mortice and tenon joins throughout the table. The 10” turned and hand fluted legs are eye-catching with a distinctive component a sliding cover flange to hide the deluxe adjustable foot.

The rails are directly bolted to the precision milled slate coupled with top grade English cloth, English red gum rubber and competition standard invisible brackets.

The slate, like the Supreme, is 1 ½ inch thick but is made up of three slate pieces with side rails bolted directly into the slate.

IMG_5050Other leading features include flush mounted pocket rails and steel backed cushion rails and the Strachan 6811 cloth, recognised as the best Billiard cloth in the world.

The Billiard Shop outlets locations in Aspley, Gold Coast, Slacks Creek, Mackay, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba and Townsville have the Supreme and Grand Duke tables available to take home today.

Just what size is best for your home will naturally depend on the size of your Pool Room but the Billiard Shop experts are readily available to assist in this process to let the good times roll.

Billiard Shop is Australia’s Largest Billiard Table Supplier, with 7 retail stores across Queensland.

Drop into a store today to inspect the great range and speak to a trained expert to ensure you are getting the right product for your needs. Billiard Shop has everything required to play snooker, pool, 9 ball and billiards. We also offer billiard table removal, reclothing and refurbishment service.