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Aramith Microfibre Cloth

More than just a Regular Billiard Ball Cloth

Provides exceptional cloth resistance and prevents fibre loss on the ball surface with outstanding absorption capability.

Also available is the Aramith Cleaner and Restorer.

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The Aramith Microfibre Cloth is much more than a regular polishing cloth:
  • Exceptional cloth resistance with a robust fibre and “w” anchorage prevents fibre loss on the ball surface.
  • Outstanding absorption capability: absorbs 4x its weight in water and 8x its weight in grease.
  • Thin fibre thickness (0.6 g/10,000 m) ensures excellent cleaning, even in small surface defects or scratches.
  • Curly-shaped fibres effortlessly remove dust from the ball’s surface, capturing it through an electrostatic effect.
  • Fibre height ranges from 3 to 4 mm for effective cleaning.
  • A high fibre density of 40,000 fibres/cm2 guarantees excellent cleaning and polishing.
  • Unwavering dimensional stability; no shrinkage after a hot wash (60°C/140°F).
  • Flexible protective underlayer coating ensures your hand stays dry during ball cleaning.
  • Impressive fibre crush resistance: recovers initial volume and absorption after use.

Aramith Microfibre Cloth Maintenance:

  • Wash at 60°C / 140°F when suitable.
  • No ironing: ready to use after washing.

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