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Aramith Pro Cup English 8 Ball Set

What is English Pool, also known as Black Ball?

The Aramith Pro Cup English 8 Ball Set is specifically designed and widely used for English Pool, also known as English 8-ball or blackball. This set is tailored to meet the standards and specifications of English Pool, providing players with high-quality balls that are well-suited for the game. English pool is a popular cue sport played predominantly in the United Kingdom, and the Aramith Pro Cup English 8 Ball Set is crafted to enhance the playing experience in this particular variant of the game.

If you want to learn English Pool (Black Ball), you can watch this How to Play Black Ball Pool YouTube video.

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The Super Aramith Pro Cup English 8 Ball Set are a 2″ Size with a Dotted Cue Ball

They are made of Professional grade phenolic resin and are used in tournaments worldwide. The Aramith dotted Cue ball is used for ultimate precise shots and ball repositioning. They have an Extra durable smooth surface that minimizes tablecloth wear for exceptional cloth and ball longevity.

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Aramith Pro Cup English 8 Ball Set 3

Superior Resistance

Experience unparalleled durability with Aramith balls where constant impact is met with superior resistance year after year.

Through a phenolic heat-curing process, material tensions are fully stabilized, resulting in a vitrified high-density surface offering maximum resistance, enduring over 50 times more impacts than other materials.

Aramith Pro Cup English 8 Ball Set 4

Super Heavy Duty

A massive 5-ton load will cause the ball to shatter entirely at random, defying expectations by avoiding the typical parting line between the stripe and the rest of the ball. This shows the exceptional structural integrity and resilience of Aramith balls.

Aramith Pro Cup English 8 Ball Set 5

Spot Burn Resistance

An impact can result in 0 to over 30 km/h in a fraction of a second. This rapid acceleration induces a friction temperature surge between the ball and the cloth as high as 250°C. Aramith balls are wear-resistant at these high temperatures and maintain their lustre.

Aramith Pro Cup English 8 Ball Set 6

Anti-Kick™ Properties

Elevating the game to a new standard, Aramith balls boast exclusive Anti-Kick™ properties, This innovative feature prevents the build-up of static charge and dust particles, significantly reducing the risk of kicks and skids making for a smoother game of billiards.

Aramith Pro Cup English 8 Ball Set 7

Density and Balance

The intricacies of speed, direction, spin, impact, and rebound depend on an even density achieved through hardened resin, providing unmatched center-of-gravity for an impeccably true and accurate roll, setting the stage for a more precise billiards game.

Aramith Pro Cup English 8 Ball Set 8

If a product performs better and lasts 50 times longer, what is the point of spending a few dollars less to get an inferior product that will need to be replaced more often?

Choose Aramith for professional play, clubs, pubs and in the home.

Enjoy a lifetime of better play with Aramith balls.