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Billiard Table Lights

Billiard Table Lights with Chassis & Shades

These table lights are available in 3 or 4 shades suitable for different Pool and Snooker tables.

You might also want to keep your table spotless with a 10″ Table Brush.

Please Note: This product does not come with light fittings.

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Black, Brass, Chrome, Brushed Chrome


Black, Blue, Burgundy, Green


3 Shades, 4 Shades

sports, billiards, billiard ball
Billiard Table Lights 12

Why Add Billiard Lights to My Table?

sports, billiards, billiard ball

A Better Game:

Billiard table lights are used to provide well-light, even illumination for more accurate gameplay, When you eliminate shadows, it helps to focus better on the shot and allows for a better view of the game from all angles.

A Better Room:

The room’s aesthetics are enhanced by the illumination of billiard table lights, creating a visually appealing and inviting atmosphere. With a large choice of rail and shade colours, you can add a lot of style and character to the table and therefore to the room.

Good Eyesight:

Billiard table lights help maintain good eyesight during gameplay by ensuring consistent and even lighting which helps people with poor eyesight and will also help people with good eyesight from eyestrain and long-term damage.