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Diamond Millennium Cue

2 Piece Diamond Millennium Cue

A standout within Palko’s esteemed Diamond Ash Timber Cue collection, the Millenium Cue is premium craftsmanship, ideal for standard pool play, it boasts an expertly crafted glue-on 9.5mm leather tip and is meticulously fashioned from carefully selected traditional ash for an enhanced playing experience.

  • 9.5mm Tip
  • 57″ in length
  • Rosewood 4 Prong Butt
  • Rosewood Butterfly Spliced Veneer
  • Weight approx 16-18oz

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Diamond Timber Cues are ideal for semi-pro players, the home and clubs or pubs that want to offer something more than a standard cue. Choose from a diverse range of styles all built with the fusion of superior materials and expert engineering. Available as either a two or one-piece cue, they boast a meticulous construction using a blend of high-grade Ash and Maple timbers.

Elevate your game with the perfect blend of craftsmanship and affordability.

What Type of Cue Should I Buy?

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The amount you should invest when buying a cue depends on your budget, skill level, and personal preferences, but a good starting point for a decent-quality cue is typically around $100 to $300. It is also important to consider what kind of cue you would like to play with, as tip size, cue length and weight vary.

Wooden cues are made of various types of wood that are spliced together, providing a traditional feel and a natural, smooth hit. Graphite cues, on the other hand, are constructed with a graphite composite shaft, offering a more durable option with less susceptibility to warping.

Which is better? It really depends on each individual player’s preference.

Traditionally, a smaller tip, around 10mm, is preferred by Snooker players and allows for more precision and control of the ball, but it is also trickier to use. Larger tips, around 13mm, are generally preferred by Pool players and provide more power and stability.

What tip is best for you? It really depends on your preference, however, if you’re not sure, a simple rule is if you prefer Pool, choose a larger tip, and if you prefer Snooker, choose a smaller cue tip.

Heavier cues tend to deliver more power, making them suitable for players who prefer a stronger stroke. However, lighter cues can offer greater control and maneuverability, allowing for finesse in shots. That said, it really depends on the individual player to determine a comfortable weight to use. Some Cues have adjustable weights in the handle like the Grafex Cues and some cues have weighted extensions, like many of the 3/4 jointed cues, to handle different shots and personal preferences.

Most cues come in standard lengths, with 57-58 inches being the typical range. For most players, a standard-length cue is suitable.

If you are particularly short or want some cues for your kids the Grafex Neon Junior is a good choice at just 52″ in length.

If you are particularly tall, many 3/4 jointed cues come with extensions for different weighting and hard-to-reach shots and could be added to help, but generally, a standard 58″ cue will be suitable for tall people.

If you’re unsure about which cue to choose, you can come in and visit us at one of the Billiard Shop Locations for some friendly advice and get a feel for the cues in-store.

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