You have to admit it, playing on a traditional full size billiard table for the first time in a long time is a challenge for the most skilful of player.

The same can also be said in reverse. Playing on a smaller sized table presents a whole lot of other challenges when you’re more accustomed to a full size table.

At 12ft x 6ft and 10ft x 5ft, the Full size is most certainly a majestic looking thing and it is natural to think of your favourite World Snooker players such as Australia’s Neil Robertson, when simply just seeing one.

You realise just how good these professional players are right from the break on a table of this size.

It’s why the Traditional full size table remains as popular as ever in household’s right throughout Queensland and Australia.

Billiard Shop store locations in Aspley, Gold Coast, Slacks Creek, Mackay, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba and Townsville are your experts when it comes to the eight leg tables – the Supreme and the Grand Duke.

Which one of the full size tables is for you will depend on the size of your room.

The Supreme Traditional Snooker Table is a sight to behold with an ageless constructed frame and 8inch stylish fluted and turned legs from solid hard wood. It’s the same way they were constructed over 100 years ago.

An impressive feature is the invisible brackets which are secured into the rail while the rubbers are wrapped around into the pockets to English standards.

The sliding rails hide the bolt heads. The supreme rails are bolted directly into the slate and also screwed into the build-up. The combination of the bolt and the screw results in an exceptional and consistent bounce.

This is important to note as some manufacturers only screw the rails into the build-up. Overtime this screw comes loose and makes for an inconsistent bounce.

The competition grade directional cloth stands out and is great to play on. In regards to “looks” you do have the choice of a high-sheen 2-pac lacquer finish or a low sheen satin.

The 12ft Supreme Traditional Snooker table has five pieces of 1 ½ inch thick slate while the 10ft Supreme has 5 pieces of 1 ¼ inch thick slate. The slate is pinned together to ensure a perfectly true playing surface.

It’s why this billiard table is described as unique and unmatched in design and construction.

The other major player table is The Grand Duke Traditional Snooker Table which is one of the last truly traditional tables on the market.

The finest hand selected hardwood timber is used in the traditional constructed frame with Mortice and Tenon joins throughout the table.


The 10” turned and hand fluted legs are eye-catching with a distinctive component a sliding cover flange to hide the deluxe adjustable foot.

Other leading features include flush mounted pocket rails and steel backed cushion rails which only a few tables on the market can boast.

Finishing off the full-size Grand Duke Traditional Snooker Table is the Strachan 6811 cloth which is recognised as the best Billiard cloth in the world.

Many tables have tried to copy the Grand Duke but the reality is that nothing is as good as the original which is how all Championship tables are built today.

The Supreme and the Grand Duke are wonderful creations and would be a remarkable sight in any home – with enough room! On that note if you are building a new home, your nearest Billiard Shop can assist with measurements which takes into consideration stroke-play.

And if you do have a Full sized traditional Snooker Table, Billiard Shop is at the ready for any repair work to let the good times roll!

Billiard Shop is Australia’s Largest Billiard Table Supplier, with 7 retail stores across Queensland.

Drop into a store today to inspect the great range and speak to a trained expert to ensure you are getting the right product for your needs. Billiard Shop has everything required to play snooker, pool, 9 ball and billiards. We also offer billiard table removal, reclothing and refurbishment service.