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Golf Bag Hard Vinyl 2 Piece – Holds 1 Cue Only


Holds 1 cue

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A newly designed case for your billiard cue.

Case Has a heavy shoulder strap for easy transport.

Built-in large zip pocket to keep your chalk, spare tips, etc.

Is perfect to transport your 2 piece cue. Holds 1 cue only.

Golf Bag Hard Vinyl 2 Piece - Holds 1 Cue Only 5

Cue Case FAQs

High-quality cues can be expensive, and players often consider them as long-term investments. Using a cue case is a practical way to safeguard this investment, ensuring that the cue maintains its value and performance over time.

Protection: Cues can get damaged or warped and need protection from physical impacts, temperature changes and humidity.

Golf Bag Hard Vinyl 2 Piece - Holds 1 Cue Only 6

Transportation: A case is essential during travel when cues are most prone to bumps, scratches, humidity and heat changes.

Organization: Cue cases come with compartments for organizing cues, chalk, gloves, and other essential items in one place.

Hard Case: The rigid and protective outer shell provides a high level of protection against impacts and temperature changes while the interior is lined with soft padding to cushion the cue stick holding it snuggly in place. They are also ideal for suitable for air travel and other long-distance transportation when packed in with other storage items.

Soft Case: The flexible and lightweight padded design protects the cue from bumps, scratches, temperature changes and humidity. They can be carried easily over the shoulder making them ideal for walking and travelling on local transport to public locations. At home, hang the cue in the soft case rather than lean it against a wall to avoid the effects of gravity.

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Golf Bag Case: This newer design has the convenience of a shoulder strap making it easy to carry like the soft case but also has a rigid construction similar to the hard case making more ideal for transportation in storage compartments. Depending on the width they can hold one or two 2-pcs cues.

1-Piece Case: Most high-quality cues come in 2 pieces, but if you have a 1-pce cue you can use the 1-pce Soft Vinyl Cue Case designed for a 1-pce cue.

Golf Bag Hard Vinyl 2 Piece - Holds 1 Cue Only 8

2-Piece Case: These come in a range of designs that are standard for (not 3/4) 2-peice cues and come in a range of options – choose from Aluminium, Leather-look hard cases or soft-vinyl or golf-bag style cases.

3/4-Piece Case: Due to the joint being located further up the cue, if you have or are planning to get a 3/4 cue you will also need a 3/4 Cue Case which can accommodate the longer piece and can also carry some extensions that may come with your 3/4 Cue.

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