worldchamp2013-005_r_295x221Pool Tables lights most certainly inject an exciting dynamic to not just playing the game but the whole atmosphere of a pool room.

There truly is something mystical about traditional lights hanging above your pride and joy.

Purely and simply the lights are designed to eliminate any shadow so that you can see every angle and opportunity to pocket those little round beauties.

But just as its annoying driving at night with the oncoming driver having his vehicle lights on full beam burning the back of your eyelids, so too are bright lights shining into your eyes when playing pool.

So naturally your Pool Table lights need to be positioned at such a height and with specific covers so as to eliminate any glare when playing your stroke.

The recommended height for hanging lights is 32 inches (81.28 cm) above the table but that’s on the undertaking that you are hanging proper shaded pool table lights that direct the light directly down towards the table.

In other words hanging a spotlight without covers at this distance is just plain silly. Yes it will eliminate shadow but it will probably result in you being blinded and running into walls with 3rd degrees burns, not to mention an ill-tempered disposition.

For playability, look and price, you can’t go past the standard light shades that come in rows of three or four to cover all table sizes.

They come in a range of traditional colours to marry up with all pool room colour schemes and are stocked in all Billiard Shop outlets in Brisbane at Aspley and Slacks Creek, Bundall on the Gold Coast, Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast and in James St. Toowoomba..

The colour schemes at Billiard Shop for the three rows are:

Standard Brushed Stainless steel fittings with either black, blue, burgundy or green shades.


Standard gold with black, blue, burgundy, gold and green.


Standard chrome win black, blue, burgundy, chrome and green.


The three types are also available in the four rows

Standard Brushed Stainless steel pools with either black, blue, burgundy, brushed stainless or green shades.


Standard gold with black, blue, burgundy, gold and green.


Standard chrome win black, blue, burgundy and chrome.


There are other types of lights available at Billiard Shop but call ahead on 1300 300 654 to enquire about the range. If we don’t have what you are after we’ll point you in the right direction.

And on that point in seeking advice, as it takes electricity to turn on the lights don’t go putting them in yourself unless you’re a qualified electrician.

Now with all this said and done, do you absolutely need pool table lights to play? No you don’t. But having a well-lit table with no ball shadow does vastly improve the playing experience. One word of advice however is to make your children aware that if they lift their pool cue skywards after a shot there is a high probability of them hitting the shade cover.

Billiard Shop will readily provide professional advice on what colour scheme is best suited to your table and whether you require three rows or four.

Enough said, turn on the lights and let the good times roll.