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An uneven pool table will make it impossible to make the perfect shot, but there’s no need to suffer endless frustration! When it comes to pool table levelling, Billiard Shop are undoubtedly the experts.

If you are finding that the ball rolls too far, too fast or changes direction as if it has a mind of its own, it’s definitely time to call in our professional pool table levellers. Using an engineer’s level, providing greater accuracy than a standard spirit level, we ensure absolute precision for superior playability.

Billiard tables can become uneven for many reasons, such as:

  • The table being bumped or moved.
  • The table’s timber frame expanding or contracting.
  • Movement caused by the flooring underneath the table, such as a timber floor expanding or contracting or the table sinking into a thicker carpet.
  • Misuse of the table (such as it being leaned on or even danced on during a party).

Whatever has caused your issue, having the speed of the ball increase or decrease depending on the slope of the table can foil even the most avid pool players, lead to ruined games and likely become a huge turn-off for your family and friends. Even if you become familiar with your table’s quirks, you’ll likely find guests complaining about an unfair home advantage!

Do you know the best way to level a pool table?

There are various ways to mess up a DIY pool table levelling attempt, including levelling using the middle legs which can result in the slate flexing in the centre and the ball rolling away from the side pocket rather than into it.

You can rest assured, however, that your Billiard Shop pool table repair man knows the tricks of the trade and will immediately know the best way to level your specific pool table or snooker table, which is dependent on factors such as whether you have:

  • A six-legged table with adjustable feet or an older eight-legged table requiring a jack (a far more skilful and laborious process).
  • A one-piece slate or multiple pieces of slate, which typically have to be levelled slate by slate.

Don’t compromise and settle for “near enough”. With collectively many decades of experience within the Billiard Shop team, we will be able to fix the problem on-site with the greatest accuracy possible to ensure your balls behave how they should!

Where will our pool table levellers travel?

With Billiard Shop locations in Brisbane, Toowoomba, Logan, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, Mackay and Townsville, our pool table repair experts can go almost anywhere throughout Queensland and northern NSW.

Be sure to speak to an expert today about your pool table levelling needs. Call Billiard Shop or submit the enquiry form.




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