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Are your table’s pockets looking a little drab or are your pocket nets worn out – for example, brittle, frayed or with holes letting balls through? Pool table pocket repairs can not only help make your games more enjoyable but save you money in the long run!

Chasing balls around after they’ve fallen through holes in the pocket is not only frustrating but can lead to further damage – and affect overall quality of play on your table – if they’re bouncing on a hard surface. Chipped balls cause more friction on the cloth, which in turn can then wear out quicker.

The smart solution is to call in Billiard Shop to assist with a pool table pocket repair or replacement, with the work usually completed within a couple of hours either on-site or in one of our workshops – in Brisbane, the Logan, the Gold Coast, Toowoomba, the Sunshine Coast, Mackay and Townsville.

What typically leads to pool table pocket repairs?

When it comes to requests for pool table replacement pockets, typically it’s the result of holes in the nylon nets from generally wear and tear over time, damage to empire rail pockets caused during DIY table moves or deterioration in the leather over the top of the bracket, which protects the balls from hitting metal, such as flaking or peeling.

Nets can also pull away if not attached properly and if they’re white they also commonly discolour over time, turning yellow or brown as a result of beer spillages or build-up of hand sweat, making them aesthetically unpleasing. Many customers are now swapping to the more modern black netting as a result.

Have you considered other pool table maintenance?

It’s common to undertake a billiard table pocket replacement project in conjunction with other maintenance, such as reclothing and cushion replacement. This more economical version of a full refurbishment will have your table looking like new again!

Speak to an expert today about your pool table pocket repair or replacement requirements and be sure to mention any other issues with the table that might be worth having fixed at the same time. Call Billiard Shop or submit the enquiry form.




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