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Aramith TV Super Pro Cup Pool Balls 2 1/4″

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ARAMITH TV PRO CUP – Pool Balls Set – 2 1/4″

This is the preferred set used worldwide on television in tournaments and championships because of its uncompromising quality. The white ball has 6 red dots, the 4 and 12 ball are pink and the other colours have been adjusted for television.


Diameter of numbered and white ball: 57,2 mm (2¼ inches)

Made out of Aramith® – an extra hard phenolic resin

Here is why 80% of the players worldwide are already using Aramith balls :

The Aramith balls are the only one in the world made of pure penolic resin, making them last up to 5 times longer than other balls made from polyester or other polymers.

Thanks to their exceptional playing characteristics, the Aramith balls are used in virtually all tournaments worldwide.

The extra hard vitrified phenolic surface of the Aramith balls reduces drastically wear and burn spots on both balls and cloth, guaranteeing the lowest costs over time.