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Stryker Snooker Cue 3/4 with Leather Case

Stryker Snooker Cue 3/4 with Mini Butt and PU Leather Case

The Stryker Cue, featuring a 9.5mm tip, 3/4 joint, and a compact 17″-28″ telescopic extension, comes with a stylish PU leather case.

For those interested, there’s also the Stryker 1/2 Cue as an alternative option.

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This cutting-edge handmade cue, is a top-tier cue meticulously crafted from grade A air-dried ash. Designed to meet the demands of both snooker and 8-ball pool enthusiasts, this cue leverages state-of-the-art manufacturing technology to deliver unparalleled strength, power, and precision in every shot. Experience the pinnacle of quality and performance with the handmade Stryker Snooker Cue.

Here’s why opting for this Stryker Snooker Cue is a great choice:

  • A 58” ¾ jointed cue is suitable for both Snooker and Pool.
  • Crafted with a Grade A Ash shaft that is air-dried, straight, and stiff.
  • Equipped with a 9.5mm tip and a brass ferrule for enhanced performance.
  • Adjustable cue weight ranging from 17.5 to 20oz to suit individual preferences.
  • The hand-spliced Africa Monzo wood butt features 4 Zebrawood splices over white-black-white veneers.
  • A brass quick-release vacuum joint ensures convenience during assembly.
  • Well-balanced design for optimal control and precision.
  • The SD joint in the butt enhances overall cue performance.
  • Includes a 6″ mini butt and a telescopic extension ranging from 17″ to 28″.
  • Comes with a patchwork PU leather cue case for stylish and protective storage.

As you stand at the edge, ready to make your mark, a Pro Cue becomes your ally in precision and mastery. It’s not just a cue, it’s a symbol of dedication, skill, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. Feel the potential in your hands as you take each shot resonating with the legacy of champions.

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