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Taom Pro Tip

14mm Taom Pro Tips come in Soft, Medium and Hard

The Taom Pro Cue Tips come in a soft, for better spin, a hard, for better power transfer and a medium, which is a balance between the two, and the most popular.

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Made with meticulous precision, this exceptional leather tip offers superior play and is crafted from a selection of the finest premium pigskins.

Why use a soft cue tip?    

The Soft Taom Pro Tip can generate more spin and is less prone to miscues, however, it’s worth noting that softer tips have a tendency to deform  (“mushroom”) and will not last as long.

Why use a medium cue tip?

The Medium Taom Pro Tip provides a balance between adhesion to the cue ball and power transfer found in the harder tips. Consequently, a medium cue tip can generate good spin, while also being less prone to miscues than hard tips. It is for this reason that the medium cue tip is the most popular choice.

Why use a hard cue tip?  

The Hard Taom Pro Cue Tip provides more power transfer and will last the longest, and although all spin shots can be achieved with a hard tip, it is worth noting that a hard tip can also be prone to more miscues.

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Soft, Medium, Hard