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Full Length Pool Table Cover

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  • 7ft: 2260mm x 1195mm x 820mm
  • 8ft: 2620mm x 1400mm x 820mm
  • 9ft: 2925mm x 1550mm x 820mm

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This Full Length Pool Table Cover is a Heavy Duty Vinyl Black Cover

Protect your pool table in style with this Full Length Pool Table Cover made from heavy-duty black vinyl. Crafted from durable materials, this cover ensures complete protection for your table, keeping it safe from dust, spills, and scratches. Its sleek black design adds a touch of elegance while providing reliable defence against wear and tear.

You might also be interested in covers that are not full-length like the 150mm high Billiard Table Covers.

Additional information

Table Size

7' x 3'6", 8' x 4', 9' x 4'6"

What Do I Need For Good Table Maintenance?

Full Length Pool Table Cover 3
Full Length Pool Table Cover 4
Full Length Pool Table Cover 5
Full Length Pool Table Cover 6

A Cover:

A billiard table cover is used to protect the table’s surface from dust, spills, sunlight, and other potential effects, preserving its condition and ensuring a clean playing surface. There are a range of Billiard Table Covers in various sizes and types to choose from and also, and we offer a Table Tennis Top that doubles as a cover and doubles the fun of your Pool table too!


Billiard table brushes are essential for regular maintenance, as they help remove dust and chalk particles from the felt and rails, ensuring a clean playing surface and prolonging the life of the cloth. There are two kinds of brushes, one for the flat felted area in 12″, 10″ and 9″ sizes and a smaller Under the Rail Brush.

Full Length Pool Table Cover 4
Full Length Pool Table Cover 5


Billiard Shop offers a wide range of Table Accessories to handle your repairs or you contact us and we can help you with your Billiard Table Repairs.

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