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Pool Table Tennis Top

Double up the fun in your Pool room!

Enjoy the fast-paced game of table tennis and protect your table from the elements at the same time.

*Suitable for 7′ and 8′ Pool Tables

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Pool Table Tennis Top Cover suitable for 7′ and 8′ Pool Tables

The Pool Table Tennis Top includes:

  • 2x bats
  • 3x Balls
  • Table Net

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Video Walk-thru

Pool Table Tennis Top 5

Double the Fun!

Pool Table Tennis Top 6

Yes, that’s right, a Table Tennis Top / Cover doesn’t just have a double function, it also doubles the fun of your Pool Table. You have felt the sheer enjoyment and satisfaction of sinking balls hard and fast into those pockets. Now you can enjoy the satisfaction of smashing a ping-pong ball at your friends and family with a top speed of over 100 km/hr, while still knowing they will be perfectly safe.

Order now and enjoy the exercise and competitive nature of ping-pong!

*Suitable for 7′ and 8′ Pool Tables.

Table Tennis Top/Cover

Video: 0:39sec | 2017

*Suitable for 7′ and 8′ Pool Tables

Table Tennis Top/Cover

Video: 0:39sec | 2017

Video summary ~

Just a quick video about our Table Tennis Covers for your Pool Table, basically they’re a great cover, keeps the Sun off, keeps your cats or pets off… and a great way to double up the fun in your Pool room…Pool tables and Table Tennis take up a lot of room so it’s good to be able to utilize a space…It’s quite simple to use… two-piece top that lifts away, the nets just clip on…

So, when your finished playing Pool, just put the top on and a enjoy a game of Table Tennis.

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