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Jim Rempe Training Ball

Jim Rempe Training Ball plus Training Manual

The Jim Rempe Special Pool Training Ball is designed to improve your cue ball control, spin effects, and rebound control.

Kit includes: 

  • A Belgian Aramith 2 1/4″ Cue ball with 2 embedded patterns
  • A training manual that will show you clearly how you can use the patterns to fully control the Cue Ball

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Jim Rempe Training Ball

Video: 6:14sec | 2018

Jim Rempe Training Ball

Video: 6:14sec | 2018

Video summary ~

Here’s a simple practice using the Jim Rempe Training Cue Ball. There are nine positions marked on the cue ball: high center, low center, left center, right center, high left, low left, high right, and low right. We’re going to start off with a center shot. This is an easy drill to lay out. Take any ball, put it roughly four or five inches off the corner pocket, slightly off-center. Place the cue ball at the first diamond on either side off the opposite corner pocket. We’re going to hit this with center and see the reaction and the position…

Jim Rempe Training Ball 3
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Jim Rempe Training Ball 4

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