You’d think my teenage boys Zac and Cooper and the baby of the family Eloise would have spent every lasting minute on the beach during our Christmas holiday at a Gold Coast Resort.

But then again it was hot, bloody hot! So our time getting wet was in-between the Surf and the Resorts Pool.

The Pool became more favourable as those pesky blue-bottles drifted in. I stepped on one in the shallows and through my man tears and wife giggling at my reaction I was still glad it was me rather than the kids. Nothing like setting an example!

But anyway here’s the thing. Guess where my thirteen, eleven and nine-year-old spent the majority of their time? Around the outdoor Pool Tables.

Me, Brendan. A 43-year-old RAAF NCO based out of Oakey on the western outskirts of Toowoomba didn’t grow up with a Pool Table and I’d never even thought of getting one.


So it was intriguing but at the same time not surprising that my active kids hogged the Pool Table for extended periods during the Resort stay.

I discovered that you can learn a lot about watching your children play on a Pool Table and I was heartened that the boys showed some real patience in letting Eloise have a go.

She was actually pretty good and not that I know a lot about the game but she kept the cue very straight when playing a shot. Apparently that helps!

As expected the competitive streaks of Zac and Cooper came out. Seeing them using their brains to strategize shots was a real eye-opener. I believe seeing your kids think on the spot is one of the great pleasures of being a parent.

It took a couple of days before I was summoned by the boys to play. With Eloise and mum Dorothy joining in we had a wow of a time. Though I think Dorothy was just glad that the game didn’t get in the way of her intermittent Cocktails. I’ll give her Hanky Panky! Yes, it’s a drink – look it up.

By day four of our five-day getaway the “please can we get one” started. It didn’t stop during the drive back up the range to Toowoomba.

My response was where on earth are we going to find room in the house for a Pool Table.

Now my kids are pretty resourceful and when Zac googled Pool Tables Toowoomba on the iPad he discovered there is such a thing as an Outdoor Pool Tables.

“We’ll put it on the deck Dad”, Zac and Cooper said almost simultaneously.

Well that was the clincher. Best decision I or rather we as a family have made. An Outdoor Pool Table called an X Men and didn’t the boys and Eloise love that.