SOS Patio Pool Table

A Budget-friendly Undercover Outdoor Pool Table.

Enjoy playing billiards in the fresh air on your patio with this durable and very affordable outdoor Pool table.

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7′ x 3’6″


8′ x 4′


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Table Size

7' x 3'6", 8' x 4'

Frame Colour

Black, White

FSN Cloth Colour

Black, Charcoal, Green, Purple, Blue, Chocolate, Grey, Burgundy, Red


Our Best value-for-money table, the SOS plays brilliantly and will last through the years.

The SOS delivers incredible value for money when compared with any Pool table and can be placed inside or under shelter in a carport, shed or deck.

Many Pool table owners have previously experimented with placing their timber tables outside, only to later regret it due to cracking in the frame or legs. The SOS Patio Pool Table was developed to fill a gap in the market and save our customers from the same fate making the SOS Patio incredible value for money for, even for an inside table it is great value.

Surfaced with high-grade FSN Directional Cloth, you can choose from 8 unique colours to match with a black or white frame, making this table very attractive in any space.

With all timber swapped out for powder-coated steel, this table is perfect for Australia’s harsh weather conditions. When choosing an outdoor Pool table, don’t settle for inferior construction. Choose a Billiard Shop table for ideal performance and long-lasting durability.

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Don’t buy inferior tables that don’t perform well or last long, all Billiard Shop tables are made to the highest standards.


  • 7′ x 3’6″ or 8′ x 4′ size
  • USA-style drop pockets
  • 2 Cue sticks, Balls
  • A full range of accessories
  • FSN Directional Cloth:
SOS Patio Pool Table 12
SOS Patio Pool Table 13
SOS Patio Pool Table 14
SOS Patio Pool Table 15
SOS Patio Pool Table 16
SOS Patio Pool Table 17
SOS Patio Pool Table 18
SOS Patio Pool Table 19
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A Superior Build:

  • 3/4″ Genuine Brazilian 1-pc slate 
  • Only table legs require installation
  • Legs come with stainless steel levelers
  • Royal Blue waterproof worsted felt
  • K66 profile gum rubber cushions 
  • Electrostatic powder-coated frame
  • Aluminium frame with 10-year warranty
  • Lifetime warranty on the slate


Modern & Unique Designs

Ideal for the modern home and unique to the Billiard Shop, our tables are the highest quality Pool tables available.

UV-resistant & Waterproof

The playing surface is 100% waterproof and UV-resistant ensuring the best game experience possible.

Aluminium Frame & Slate Top

The aluminium frame has a 10-year warranty and the slate top has a lifetime warranty.

Electrostatically coated Frame

The frame is electrostatic powder-coated ensuring maximum strength and resistance to damage.

What is the difference between the 4 outdoor Pool tables?

Table 7′ x 3.6′ 8′ x 4′ 100% Outdoor Dining Table-tennis Frame Type Frame Colour Cloth Type Cloth Colour Slate
Aura Powder coated
Black or White Waterproof
Royal Blue 3/4″
Mood Powder coated
Black or White Waterproof
Royal Blue 3/4″
X-men Powder coated
Black or White Waterproof
Royal Blue 3/4″
SOS *undercover *as an add-on Powder coated
Black or White English
FSN Directional
Avaliable in
8 colours

*Contact us for custom frame and cloth colours

SOS Patio Pool Table
SOS Patio Pool Table

How much space do I need?

Table SizeIdeal SpaceMinimum Space
7’ x 3’6”         (2.13 x 1.07)
17’ x 13’6”    (5.18 x 4.11)
15’ x 11’6”    (4.57 x 3.50)
8’ x 4’             (2.44 x 1.22)
18’ x 14’        (5.49 x 4.27)
16’ x 12’        (4.88 x 3.66)
SOS Patio Pool Table 22

Where can I put the SOS Patio Table?

The SOS is an outdoor, open-air, undercover table. You should avoid direct exposure to rain and other elements. If you expect some kind of storm, or windy sideways moving rain, it is best to keep a cover on the table.

How long can I expect the SOS to last?

This will depend on the exposure to weather, animals, insects and any other potentially damaging wear and tear. The frame has a 10-year warranty and the slate has a lifetime warranty, regarding the surface, use a cover when possible to protect the high quality FSN Directional Cloth last longer.

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10-year warranty on the frame

Lifetime warranty on the slate

How long can I expect the SOS to last?

This will depend on the exposure to weather, animals, insects and any other potentially damaging wear and tear. However, there are warranties on the frame and slate. The playing surface is made from high quality FSN Directional Cloth, however, it is not UV or water resistant and must be kept away from direct exposure to the elements. Also, use a cover when possible to help the Pool table surfaces last longer.

Outdoor Pool Tables

Video: 1:21sec | 2017

*Since the making of this video, two new outdoor table designs are now available

Outdoor Pool Tables

Video: 1:21sec | 2017

Video summary ~

The Mood and the X-Men, both tables, have been designed to suit the great outdoors…designed to withstand all weather conditions….

Don’t worry about the cloth being outside either; both the rubber and the cloth are waterproof, UV resistant, and designed to provide the ultimate gaming experience outdoors. Impress and entertain your family and friends with a pool table on your deck, in your garden, beside your pool, or even in the pool!

SOS Patio Pool Table 23
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Some friendly advice when buying a billiard table…

Some friendly advice…

Be careful not to waste your money.
Always Investigate —

Other tables that you see online may look similar, however, they are not the same, they will often use cheap-grade materials and 2nd-rate factory construction techniques. Billiard Shop tables perform at an optimal level and last for decades. They are something that can be handed down for generations to come.

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Whenever feasible, Billiard Shop prefers to utilize trained professionals for the delivery and installation of their tables. Since every home is unique, we will assess your individual circumstances and offer a precise quote for the best possible delivery solution.

Beware that lower-grade tables often look similar, especially online, and those tables use MDF, Chipboard and other low-grade frame materials, also, the rubber and cloth are very important for an optimal game, especially over time. Billiard Shop only uses solid wood, aluminium or steel framing with high-grade slate, rubber cushions and professional billiard cloth, plus, our high-standard construction techniques make for a much longer lasting and better ‘bounce’ in the frame, and therefore, a better game is maintained for decades to come.



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