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Superfine Strachan Grey Pool Cloth

The Ultimate English Pool Cloth – Superfine Strachan Grey Cloth with Antikick™ Technology

Experience the pinnacle of English excellence with Strachan Superfine featuring groundbreaking Antikick™ technology. Elevate your game to professional levels as you command unparalleled speed, unwavering consistency, and ideal control on the felt. It’s not just a cloth; it’s a game-changer designed for those who aim for perfection in every shot and rely on a perfect roll.

To protect your table and cloth you might also want to purchase a Billiard Table Cover available in different sizes.

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*Only Available in Supreme Series Grey


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Additional information

Table Size

7' x 3'6", 8' x 4'

New Billiard Cloth Looks Great & Plays BETTER

Billiard Table Cloth Types

Whether you’re building a table or reclothing to address wear, tear, fading and burns, there are a range of Billiard Table Cloths to choose from.

Indoor Cloths:

We stock Strachan 6811 Pro Cloth and FSN Directional Cloth in a range of different colours and also Stractan Superfine Grey. All types of cloth are available in different sizes.

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Outdoor Pool Table Cloth

Outdoor Cloth:

We also carry Non-directional Outdoor Cloth, available in blue and in two Pool table sizes. It is 100% resistant to the outdoor elements.

you can visit this page to read more and get a Table Cloth Replacement Quote.

Billiard Table Reclothing Service

Video: 0:31sec | 2017

*Available in areas near our stores at Townsville, Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Aspley and Slacks Creek in Brisbane. Contact us for a table reclothing quote.

Billiard Table Reclothing Service

Video: 0:31sec | 2017

Video summary ~

Just a little bit about the reclothing services all the Billiard Shops offer. A table like this is something typical of what we might see. The cloth will be worn or torn and faded, the pockets fall apart…the cushion rubbers can go hard or can go soft depending on the type of rubber.

All that work is able to be done done by the Billiard Shop with all these pieces replaced to bring your table back up to its former glory.

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