A Pool Table in the family home is now more than ever before very fashionable.

They inject a deal of prestige. Pizzazz! Chic!

The range and modern styles of Pool Tables mean they can either blend in or be the key feature of any room or space – indoors and outdoors.

Choosing the perfect Pool Table for your entertainment room has also never been so easy and so much fun with the range of Pool Tables at Billiard Shop suiting every palate.

You can go traditional or very modern.

There are two ways in which to go about creating the perfect room:

  • design the room around the pool table
  • choose a pool table to match the current room design

Either way you will still be able to find the perfect table.

If you’re bringing a table into the family home for the first time one of essential features to consider is where to place the pool cue rack and what style – wall mounted or a stand.

A scoreboard is also a wonderful addition, in particular if you also like to also play snooker and the available teak or walnut timber designs do lend themselves to all colour schemes.

Once you’ve got that sorted you can start creating up the room and as any professional interior designer will say ‘The simpler the design the more effective it will be’.

A classic example, is this recently completed Darling Downs room where this gorgeously designed Gloss Black Supreme Pool Table was made to blend in perfectly with an appropriate choice of cloth.

Pool Table 4

The design creates an entertainment room look rather than a pool room look.

The versatile range of Pool Tables at Billiard Shop will also allow you to even further blend or even disguise a pool table in a room.

Pool Table 3

The Krenice is your table for this. The Krenice is a combination pool and dining table in one.

The removable solid oak three-piece dining top does not compromise on playability with the USA American 9 Ball worsted cloth and the larger USA American style drop pockets a really smart option.

Billiard Shop has light or darker timber style available including this sexy smokey black Krenice with blue cloth.

Pool Table 2

Pool Table 1

The reality is that no room or space is off limits to a pool table. Even outdoors! The outdoor range are not only built to withstand all weather conditions but to suit difference colour schemes.

Click here to check out the range of outdoor Pool Tables at Billiard Shop

Some of the additional extra’s you can consider when sprucing up the room are stools, tables, plants, television, stereo, curtains and lights.

Lights are a superb option whether they’re classic Pool Table lights, pendant lights or a chandelier. They do really light up a room!

Pool Tables are a lot of fun for the family in particular for growing children and now you don’t have to compromise on styling.

Most certainly your Billiard Shop Pool Table will bring family and friends together.

Let the good times roll.