Summer during the early weeks on 2017 has been stinking hot right across Queensland with temperatures nearing 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit).

So it’s timely to delve into whether the weather affects the playability of pool tables.

Pool Table playability

The factors that affect the playability of a game of Pool are naturally the balls, the cloth, the rubbers and the slate itself.

The short answer is Yes, the weather and associated temperatures does affect playability.
During this current heat-wave you may have noticed your pool balls being considerably more lively. It is true. Warmer temperatures do make pool balls more lively.

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To explain why this occurs we have to get a little bit scientific. When the cue ball is directed to collide with an object ball there is a transference of kinetic energy which is the passing of energy from one object to another to make it move.

As warmer objects have a higher average of kinetic energy than those in cooler ones, warmer balls will react in a much more excitable fashion than cooler balls.

To test this for yourself place some balls in a fridge to cool them down and at the same time place some other balls in a tub of hot water to heat them up. After about 10 minutes pull them out, dry them off and see the difference when hitting them.

A warmer table will also make balls travel quicker with less effort. This has been known for centuries! Queen Victoria had a pool table that was heated using zinc tubes which also kept the ivory balls from going out of shape.

The warmer the slate and the warmer the cloth equates to less resistance and the same principles applies to the rails. When rubber is cold, its elasticity is reduced and will age faster. The effects of responsive warm rails are seen in this video

Of interest heating tables in the World Professional Snooker tournaments is standard. The under table heaters are set at set at 50 Celsius to achieve a playing surface of around 21 Celsius. So naturally a warm table make for warm balls.

Billiard Shop Pool Tables

But as we’ve all experience there is two types or heat dry and humid. Humidity can play havoc with the rails with the moisture content resulting in extra springy rubbers that causes balls to jump the table. This is more likely in Snooker with the smaller balls being lighter.

The way to get around this is to place a dehumidifier in the room.
But let’s face it, we all don’t play pool for sheep stations so what we are really after is player comfort and good times.

So whack on the air conditioner or the fan.

If you’ve got an outdoor pool table, the fabric and materials are made to withstand all types of weather so the biggest priority is to make sure you preserve its life with a pool table cover and brush it regularly.

As for player comfort when playing on an outdoor pool table during a hot and humid summer day or barmy night, a nice cold drink and a smile!

Let the good times roll!

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